'Accidentally' Got My Step-mother Pregnant

I just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago and now living abroad.

It all started with a huge party with my friends and family. My mom and dad are separated, but they still work together when it comes on to my sisters and I.

My father remarried about two years ago to a woman who has two daughters; one is 25 and the other is 17.

Many times I have gone to spend time at my father's house and I see the one who is my age. She always invites me to come and play games in her room.

I didn't think much of this until one night she offered me a drink and I declined, because I am of the Sabbath faith. She then asked me to play 'truth or dare', which I agreed to do, thinking nothing of it. I asked her a question and she refused to answer.

Then she started to take off her blouse and said if she refused to do or answer something, she has to remove her clothes. I left her room, and I also left the house the following morning.

A few weeks passed and I have not visited my father since. I have only told a few of my friends, who said I was foolish to miss the opportunity. On the night of my birthday, my father, my stepmom and stepsister came to the party.

I avoided my stepsister. My mother said that I should drink to celebrate my birthday, but I was hesitant.

Eventually, I gave in and I had about three drinks, until my stepmother called me upstairs. She said she wanted to give me my gift in private.

When I entered my room she closed the door and started to kiss me. Being intoxicated, I gave in and had sexual intercourse with her.

I left the room after and said nothing. Two months have passed and she is pregnant, and my father thinks he is having another child.

What should I do? If I tell my dad the truth, he will be devastated because he loves this woman very much. I need guidance as soon as possible.


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