Doctor Say Its Safe to Have Period Sex

I have a problem. I want you to judge a matter between my husband and I. We are a young couple. We just got married two months ago, but we are having fights.

They are not physical fights, but we fight over the frequency of sex. My husband is never satisfied. He wants us to do it even when I am seeing my period.

I made a mistake when I told husband that when I am seeing my menses, I feel very very horny. I did not know that he would turn around and use it against me.

You see, I am a nurse and I have taught my husband lots of things, and he has taught me many things, also. My husband is a darling of a man, and I have never been a 'play around' girl. I do not become ill like some women during my period.

So my husband says that while we can manage to have sex, we should and only protect the sheets and the mattress. But sometimes my flow is heavy, and that seems to even turn him on more.

To make matters worse, I asked my doctor whether it was safe for me to have intercourse during my menses and the doctor, who is our friend, told us yes, it is safe to have intercourse during menstruation. That makes matters worse. The doctor told me that I am fortunate to have a man who does not scorn me during my menses.

So I told my husband that I was going to ask and find out how everyone feels about couples having sex during the woman's menstruation.


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