Kevin Smash Robert's Girlfriend; Robert Smash Kevin's Car; 'JOE GRIND' Life

"Look how Robert mash up Kevin car!" It all started when a man known as Robert caught another man known as Kevin at his house 'making love' to his woman which got him fuming with rage which was taken out on this poor innocent Nissan b13 car.

At first we though it was a crash site but by digging deeper into the situation, our NEWS TEAM had found out the in dept details that this was one of those 'JOE GRIND' situations gone sour.

Images below shows the results of  the car, Kevin's car that is, all smashed to bits and pieces 'over 1 likkle pum-pum', a by-stander jeered.

front door pap-out
windscreen smashed, roof sink een
steering broken
rear view mirror and tail light broken
blocks thrown inside car
Overall view

'Him fling everything weh him can find ina Kevin nissan car. The life of a bunna man luckily Robert never had a gun else ppl wuda dead'

Not many 'Joe Grinds' Grind and live to tell the tale but in this tale there are losses, great losses due to pumpum (noun).



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