Fell in-Love With an illiterate Taxi-Man

I am not a Jamaican, but I have been living in Jamaica for two years and I have a Jamaican boyfriend.

Before I came to live in Jamaica, I was engaged to a man in America. He came to Jamaica to visit me and he did not like how close I was to the Jamaican guy.

This Jamaican guy drives a taxi, so we hired him to take us around.

My boyfriend told me that he was suspicious of us because we were too close.

While my boyfriend was in Jamaica, this guy and I were not intimate, but when my boyfriend left, we became close friends and that is when we started to go to bed.

Since that time, my boyfriend asked me if we were still very close and I told him yes.

He told me to stop going out with him, but I don't know how to do so because I am very much in love with him.

I have broken up the engagement with my boyfriend and I am planning to marry this taxi man, and at the end of my contract, I want to take him with me to America.

My friends are telling me that I am making a big mistake because this guy here in Jamaica doesn't have any education, and I am going to be embarrassed by him.

He makes me very happy, and that is all I want in life; happiness. This guy is 30 years old and I am 24.

Please give me your advice.


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