My Bro Raped My 19-Y-O Cousin Who is a Virgin; She Can't Tell Her Bf

I am 19 years old. My sister is 17 years old and is living with our parents. We have an older brother, but he moved out and went to live with his girlfriend. He is 23 years old.

{xtypo_dropcap}A{/xtypo_dropcap} cousin of ours on my father's side came to stay with us for a week. She had an appointment in Kingston.

She didn't have any money after she did everything she wanted. My brother promised to give her some money. He told her that he and his girlfriend were going to the movies so she could go with them. We asked him if we could go with them, and he said no because he could only afford to take his girlfriend and his cousin.

We did not think anything of it. He borrowed his girlfriend's car and picked her up.

My parents didn't think anything of it either. He didn't bring her back until late. When she came back, we asked her how the movies were.

She started to cry and told us that our brother took her to the movies but his girlfriend did not go, and when they were coming back, he forced her to have sex with him and she threatened to report him and he begged her not to do so.

She said she would still report it because she was a virgin and she had a boyfriend and she had not even had sex with her boyfriend as yet.

We couldn't believe that our brother would have sex with our cousin. She said she was going to complain to our parents.

I called my brother and told him that I wanted to see him, and he admitted that he had sex with her, but it was she who gave it to him.

She is very worried that she could get pregnant because he did not use a condom.

Sometimes we blame ourselves for letting her go with our brother to the movies. We didn't think anything would go wrong, but that he had everything planned.

We will save him from prison, but how is she going to explain to her boyfriend that she is no longer a virgin?

She is a very attractive girl and i wouldn't want she and her boyfriend's neither my big brother's future to be ruin by this happening.

Photo of my cousin at about age 16 ...



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