My Mother Suggest I 'TIE' My Boyfriend to Inherit Some Wealth

This is the second time I am writing to you. I am 22 years old and I am living with a 40-year-old man. He was once married, but is now divorced. He has two children with his wife.

She has the children living with her. When I met him he was living with another girl, but he said she was lazy.

She didn’t like to clean. She would stay home all day and watch television and allow her friends to come to the house.

She would take his money and gamble every day. He had encouraged her to go to school, but she wasn’t interested, so he asked her to leave.

When he told me that I should come and live with him, I did not want to go. But after spending a week with him, I saw that he loved me and that he was a good man.

I even searched the house when he wasn’t there to see if women’s clothes were in the house. I only found one item in his draw where he keeps his boxers. I don’t know what that was doing there. I said to myself maybe that was left there by mistake.

The girl that he asked to leave came by once when I was there and he introduced me to her. He told her that I am his girlfriend now, so she shouldn’t come back.

When she was leaving, she said, “Ok, Miss, take care of him for me.” He is a good man, but I am having a problem.

He has two pieces of land and his ex-wife’s name is on both titles. He has promised me marriage, but my mother said that he should take his ex-wife’s name off at least one of the titles.

I said it to him and he told me he cannot do that because his wife and himself have two children and whatever they had while they were married should go to his children, so the both of us should work hard and purchase something for ourselves.

I am not working, but I saw his pay slip. He earns $250,000 every month. He likes me to dress up when we are going out.

His friends always admire me and he likes that. I am not ashamed to tell you that I am just learning to read well.

When he met me I could not read well. My mother did not care about her children. She hardly sent us to school, but when people see me they would never know that I am illiterate, because I know how to dress and I am slim and attractive.

I can cook and I take care of the house and I give him what he wants in the bedroom. Sometimes he tells me that I am working too hard to please him.

If anything happens to him I will have nothing. His wife would have everything. My mother says that she knows what I can do to get more out of him.

So I am wondering if I should tell her to go ahead and do what she wants to do.



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