Virginity Taken Twice at Age 15; My Sister's Boyfriend Vs My Half Brother

I am 23 years old and I have a matter that I would like everyone's honest opinion on. I have a steady boyfriend but while growing up I had some wild moments that might become a nightmare if he knows about it..

I started having sex when I was 15 years old. I have two sisters - one older and a younger. My older sister's boyfriend took my virginity, but I never said anything to anybody.

It all began when he came to visit my sister. Everyone in the family knew him.


One day I was alone when he came to the house and brought patties for her. He was driving his company's vehicle.

He stayed there and decided he was waiting for her. He asked me if I wanted the patties because he would give them to me and come back to see my sister at another time.

I took the patties from him, and he told me how I looked pretty and he always admired me. He went away. Soon after, he called me and asked if my sister was back, and I told him no.

In a few minutes, he came back and brought some more patties. He said that I should give those to her. He asked me if I ever had sex, and I told him no. He asked me for sex, and I told him that I was afraid. He told me to think about it for another time.


Four months after, I needed a pair of sneakers and he bought it for me. He told me that I should not tell my sister about it. When I went to collect it, he took me to his grandmother's house and had sex with me. I never told anybody.

My father had a son who didn't grow up with us. One night there was some event next door which made him slept at our house. All of us slept together.

My half-brother had sex with me. I was over 16 at that time. For a slim guy, he had a massive tool and used it well.


Guys always treat me with nice things that I need as a girl. I get money and gifts from a guy who was friendly with my mother, but we did not have sex.


Now, I have changed my life, and I have this boyfriend who is asking me all kinds of questions about my past. The more I tell him, is the more he wants to know. I told him that I would hate him if he does not stop asking me personal questions.

Should I tell him about my half-brother? He says he wants us to get married, but he wants a perfect girl.




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