My Boyfriend Likes Weird Things Include Licking My Armpits; Is This Normal?

I am 23 years old, and have this problem with my boyfriend that is making me feeling miserable. I don't know my father. I grew up with my mother and grandmother.

My grandmother passed away when I was 17. My mother said she didn't want any man to come and interfere with me, so she did not allow any male to live with us.

But I suspected that my mother had a boyfriend. She would go out and return very late at nights, and at times, I was all alone.

When I turned 18, I got involved with a guy, and I introduced him to my mother. She had two things to say; she liked him and that soldier men hardly keep one woman.

I guess not all soldiers are like that because my relationship ended last year because all because he was a mama's boy.

Everything we talked about, he told his mother. It was as if his mother was making decisions for us, I didn't like that.

I have another boyfriend now. He does some weird things, and that's my reason for this letter, openly asking if this is normal.

I love him, but I believe that he is going to make himself sick one day. I asked him if what he does to me is what he did to other women and he said yes.

After I shave my armpits, he would ask me not to wear any deodorant. He would lick underneath my arm all night if I allow him.

He sucks it as how a baby would suckle on breasts. I asked him how he feels when he does that, and he said that he feels nice.

He does other things that are so weird. It tickled me at first. However, I am so accustomed to it, it doesn't tickle me anymore.

Is this normal?




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