I Found My Sister 'Playing' on Top of My Boyfriend in Our Bedroom

This is my first time writing an open letter. I am 23. I live with my boyfriend, who is 28. He lives in his own home. He sends me to school.

My boyfriend and I are always busy and wanted someone to help take care of the house.

My sister, also 28 living in the country was not working so with a kind heart knowing she has responsibilities, instead of hiring a helper, I thought I might ask her to come and help out situations of which she would be housed, fed and paid.

She has a baby. My boyfriend told me its ok for her to bring the child.

Would you believe that in the space of three months, she tried to take my boyfriend.

My heart burns started shortly after I caught them having sex with her baby being on the same bed. We had a fight. I picked up a knife and my boyfriend pushed me out of the room.

His silly excuse was that they were just playing around. I never thought my sister would try to take my boyfriend. Imagine, I got her to leave the country, where she was suffering and this is how she repay me.

I told my mother what she was doing, but my boyfriend denied everything and told her it was not true.

My boyfriend doesn't believe he was doing anything wrong. He can't tell me why he was having sex with my sister.

I don't hate him because he is a man, but I hate my sister because of what she did.

I have come a far way with this man, I really love him and he loves me, I am still in school what should I do?




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