Woman Beaten With Electric Wire And Kicked For Taking Taxi Home

An auto mechanic was placed in a holding cell inside the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court for about 45 minutes yesterday to think about the nine months' imprisonment at hard labour he was told that he would receive for kicking his wife all over her body.

Marlon Golding, 37, pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife because a 'taxi' dropped her home one night.

Golding said: "It has happen before. In February, we had an altercation. She bought a watch and I found a receipt. Someone else dropped her off and her explanation didn't make any sense."


When asked, the complainant told the court that this was not the first time she was being assaulted.

However, when she was told that her husband was going to be sentenced to nine months in prison, she wept and had to be consoled. She eventually decided to drop the case.

She told the court that they intend to get counselling and then move forward.

Parish Judge Chester Crooks then told the complainant that the matter was out of her hands at that point in time.

The court was also told that the couple had not been living together since the incident.


Before being taken away, Golding said: "Your Honour, I am the sole breadwinner for my children and family."

However, the judge fired back, saying: "That give you the right to batter bruise her? Slavery done long time. Look at the size of you compared to her. That's economic slavery cause the kids depend on you."

He continued: "You have a jealousy issue. How is putting your hands on her going to make her stay loyal?"

After his matter was called for a second time, the court was told by the clerk that on a previous occasion, the complainant was allegedly beaten with electrical wire and kicked.


When cautioned, Golding said: "She buy Valentine's gift for man and mi nuh get none."

Crooks then increased the sentence to 12 months at hard labour.

He then asked Golding how he felt behind bars. Golding told the court that he couldn't explain the feeling, but he was at fault and would never ever do it again.


"It's embarrassing and I shouldn't have done it." Golding said.

The judge responded, saying: "You should have walked away and cool off. Buy a drink."

After much deliberation, the judge made a final judgement of 12 months suspended sentence for two years.

The judge also ordered that Golding would have to get anger management counselling.



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