I Lost My Wife to A Woman 'Experimenting' With Other Couples

Two years ago when I got an invitation, via Whatsapp, to attend a swingers party with my wife, I was hesitant but was curious to know what would happen behind those closed doors.

“Naturally, I didn’t go alone because I wanted it be a something that we both enjoyed but she said she could not watch me get with a next woman.

My wife's apprehension quickly gave way to curiosity after I convinced her to go to one of the parties with another couple we knew.

My wife needed a booster so she drank two small bottles of Spanish Fly, and, to be honest, we didn’t even reach the party.

The four of us got laid right in our van. We had our own swinging session there and it was every man’s dream.”

“My wife felt guilty after the encounter but had the desire for an encore. She couldn’t look in my face the next morning but days after she told me that she couldn’t stop thinking about it and would want to try again.

I was happy because it's like she had this new form of sexual energy. My friend wife was very active during sex so it was like a competition.

We continued swinging for a while with just about any couple who was available. Sometimes it wasn’t even a couple but a single male or female and I won't lie, the experience boosts our sex lives because just speaking back about the encounters would get us in the mood. I wouldn’t have sex with the males but we would enter my wife simultaneously and she would make out with women. It was crazy.”

Things went downhill for the couple as they are now separated. Both parties blame each other for the split. “My wife thought we have had enough and wanted to stop and she just got really boring. I, on the other hand, would sneak away and go to the orgy parties to fullfill my desire because nothing was enticing in our bedroom anymore.

She moved out and although I missed her I still have an exciting sex life. Funny thing is, she is now dating one of the females we have been with.”

Sex expert Shelly-Ann Weeks said swinging can be awesome in a healthy relationship. “Swinging is awesome but it is something that you should do when you are so good in your relationship and you just feel big and idle.

That’s literally what it is because it can be something fun and great that you can share, or it can be the thing that cause a relationship to be ruined,” she said.

Weeks warned against frequent swinging and recommended that couples do not live in close proximity of each other. “Now, it would be something you do once in a while and when it becomes a regular thing, it will not end well.

You cannot have a permanent swinging relationship,” she said.



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