I Took Her Virginity; I Want to Marry My Cousin to Save Our Relationship

I am a second-year student at a university. I have fallen in love with one of the female students.

Things had been going well between us until I became aware that we might be cousins. Since that time, I have been very worried because I don't want to lose her.

She doesn't want us to break up either, but at the same time, she says if we are cousins, whether 'near cousins' or 'far cousins', we should wish each other goodbye and forget that we ever knew each other.

Right now, it appears that is what may happen between us because when we look at the family tree and trace the family line, it appears that we are cousins indeed.

This is a girl who gave me her virginity. The things I have done with her, I have not done with any other girl.

When we first became aware that we might be related, I asked my father what he would do, and he told me he would not marry such a girl.

He went to the book of Leviticus in the Bible to show me why relatives should not get involved with each other.

If we did not plan to have children, we wouldn't let that bother us, but we do want to have children after we leave university. We are too young to say that we don't want a family.

I am related to her on my father's side. Sometimes I say to myself that I should try to convince her to marry me. However, we wouldn't have children.

If we need children, we can adopt. If we did not come to know some of our relatives, it wouldn't have been bothering me so much.

But now that we are together, we have strong relatives on both sides. What do you suggest that we do?



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