I Can't Seem to Satisfy My Girlfriend Who is Too 'BIG' For Me

I am 23 years old man in a relationship with a girl who is 25 years old and my problem is that whenever we have secks, she would always complaining that my penis is too small.

I found this very embarrassed whenever she says it. She says it seems I am not able to satisfy her anytime. She is my first girlfriend.

Whenever she doesn't see me, she would call me all night. She is hard working, but I am in my final year of school. She supports me financially but would often make talks about it.

I grew up with my grandmother and is currently living with her. My parents are in America, they also assist me financially. As soon as I am finished with school, I am going to migrate.

My girlfriend suggested that we should get married before I leave so that she would be able to join me.

I had doubts about and told her that we will see about that because if I am too small for her now, and my penis is not growing, I wont be able to satisfy her.

She laughed and say I'll be able to handle my tool by that time.

She is a very pretty girl, but it seems to me that she would cheat at any given time. She is very slim and very sexy but what puzzles me is that I don't understand how such a slim person could have such a large private part.

My grandmother says that she looks like the type of girl who would want to rule me.

I would love to hear your opinion.



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