Pregnant For School Teacher Who Got Another Student Pregnant

I am 21 years old and I am pregnant. My pregnancy is four months along. When I got pregnant, I was trying to hide it.

It was persons from off the road who told my mother that I was pregnant. I used to tie down my belly, and I was even hoping that the baby wouldn't live.

I thought my father would put me out. He is an elder in our church. And according to their rules, if a man has a daughter and she gets pregnant, he has to step down from his position or put out his daughter.

My mother told him that I was pregnant, and she had quarrelled for a whole week, but my father did not.

When I told him who got me pregnant, he said that I was careless, but the guy came from a good family. He told me that he should come and see him.

He was scared to come, but he eventually came, and my father asked him what his intentions towards me were. He said that he would treat me well and help me to go back to school and then we could get married.

He is a schoolteacher. My father warned him to keep his word and take care of the child.

Two weeks after his visit, he told me that another girl was pregnant for him.

I'm trying to hide it from my father, but I am very worried and I can't trust him anymore.

That is why I need your advice.



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