Jamaican P(o)rnStar GrapeTeaser Says Success Draw Her Closer to God

After a whirlwind few months, local porn star Sashauna Gapeteaser says her success in the adult film industry is drawing her closer to God.

The OnlyFans creator said since being featured in this newspaper's Valentine's Day issue, her popularity and income have soared.

"Since THE STAR interview I've been more popular, [it's] like more people are discovering me, so like going on the road and that type of stuff is not something I can do any more."

Gapeteaser became famous for her videos in which she has sex with random people. The videos are full of eroticism and sometimes comedy. 

The daring content creator said she has even had to relocate from her house in order to escape stalkers and overzealous fans, after they discovered where she lived and began showing up at her gate. However, it has not been all bad, as money has been rolling into her bank account non-stop.

She has been reaping rich rewards from her lucrative OnlyFans account and a 'happy ending' massage business, which is only accessible by her subscribers. Thirsty for more success, Gapeteaser has plans to open a sex toy store and a restaurant in the near future. She does not intend for the eatery to be under the 'Sashauna Gapeteaser' brand.

"I'm witnessing certain things I never thought I could in a million years. I went to buy my car cash and it was unbelievable. I went and paid for an apartment that is over US$1,600 (approximately $248,000) a month, and you know you have to pay deposit," she said.

Gapeteaser insists that all that she has been able to achieve is due to the divine hands of God. She said that as "weird" as it might sound, she has been "drawing closer to Jesus Christ" because of the miracles he has been working in her life.

"I don't know who [else] it could be [but Him]. It might sound weird, based on the lifestyle that I'm living, but people nuh understand," Gapeteaser said.

In fact, the creator of adult content said she would consider getting baptised, adding that not only has she been blessed by God, but she continues to have a personal relationship with Him.

"I would consider myself a Christian in my own way, where only me and God know, and nobody else could know. I feel like it's because I'm living in my truth and God accepts me the way I am. I feel like it's what's in your heart and not what other people think about you," she said.

While she doesn't believe her actions are Christ-like, she says she doesn't believe that has stopped her from being favoured.

"I don't feel like God judge me, so I don't feel like humans should. If He judged me I would be in a position where I'm stuck and don't know where to look. I've been blessed, even though I'm in the position that I'm in right now, and what I'm promoting is negative, but I'm being blessed."

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