Ninja Man Refuses to Clash Gully Bop at Sting 2014

Dancehall artiste Ninja Man says he does not want to clash new sensation Gully Bop as he is not in his class. The veteran deejay will be performing on the annual Boxing Day show, Magnum Sting 2014, along with the fast-rising Gully Bop and several of dancehall and reggae music's top acts.

"Mi nuh want him people dem a gas him up because dem likkle performance deh a nuh nothing to my level. Him is just a knock-off a try be Ninja Man, even mi clothes wey mi wear, mi see Gully Bop guh buy half of it, after mi done wear the full suit."

The artiste said the persons leading Gully Bop are opportunists, and should be careful how they manage the career of the 50-year-old fresh artiste.

"I really don't want to kill Gully Bop's little career so early because I want him to make some money to fix his teeth and his 'bosen'. I would advise his managers to focus on developing the artiste and record some good songs for him while he is hot, so that he can have a lasting career, because at the end of the day you will damage his career by putting him up against people," he said.

Ninja Man, who has been clashing since 1988, says Sting's promoters should have respect for his contribution to the show, and local music.

"Gully Bop sey him want to take care of his mother, take my advice and go that route. Mi step inna Jam World 1988 and mi only lose one war and 25 wins and one a dem a sell mi sell it. So mi nuh pet and pamper war. Him sey him freestyle, but a me mek freestyle inna dancehall, suh dem career wi stall," he said.

As for Gully Bop's managers, Ninja said; ."Lowe di youth mek him fix him teeth inna peace. Oh God, unno too wicked man, di biggest artiste dem fraid a mi and a Gully Bop unno wah send."

Gully Bop admitted in a recent interview that Ninja Man was his mentor. However, he said that he would be willing to clash the veteran at Sting to prove that his free-styling skills are better.

"Ninja Man outdated man," Gully Bop said.

Does Gully Bop has what it takes to face Ninja Man?



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