MAN TAKER: My Friend Now Controls The Big Belly man

I am 30, single and live alone. My ex-boyfriend was overweight. Communication was reasonable, but, when it came to his food, he did not compromise. Most times, he ate the wrong food.

He liked lots of meat, eating chicken and pork every day. Whenever I talked to him about having a balanced meal, he ignored that, so his stomach got bigger every day, and his sexual performance decreased. I didn't have any complaints about the money he gave me. He treated me well and he helped me to pay my bills.

When we met, I had a car that was seven years old. He told me to sell it but I was reluctant. One Saturday, he took me to a car mart and told me that he could buy me a better car. I could not believe what he was saying because nothing was wrong with my car. I told him to give me some time to think because, if we were serious about each other, we could save the money and put toward buying a town house.

My boss told me that I should buy the car. I made a big mistake telling my boss about this guy. At the dinner table, I told him that I had spoken to my boss. My boyfriend became very upset and said the boss didn't have to know our plans. I told him that I was sorry and I did not mean any harm, I only wanted some guidance.

The car he wanted to buy for me cost $3 million. He said he was convinced that my boss and I were having an affair because I was putting the boss ahead of him.

That argument went on daily and I finally said that I wanted a house and not a car. He told me my boss would give me the house. For two full days, the man did not come home. I became very concerned and, when I finally caught up with him, he said he was spending time at another girl's house.

This girl was a good friend of mine. He complained to her about what I said about my boss and she told him that the boss should not get involved. He told her that we were not going to continue the relationship because he suspected that the boss and I were sleeping together.

That was the last relationship I had with a man, and, as I look back now, I am glad it did not last because this woman was lying to me all along. She took him over and he started to pay her rent and he supported her two children. She feeds him whatever he wants to eat. She told others that I was a fool to let this man slip out of my hand.

I don't have to have a man controlling me. I have not yet paid down on a house, but I am well on my way and I am still driving the car. Whatever I have, I own, and that is how it is going to be until I meet a man who will not want to control me.

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