I am Juggling 🤹 Three Guys at Once

I am 24 years old and I have been using contraceptives for the past three years. I have had several boyfriends and although I am on the pill, I still insist that these guys use the condom.

I have recently met a guy who I consider to be my husband. I am trying to shake off the other two guys who were my regular sexual partners.

One is easy to leave because he is married. He gives me more money than the other one who is single and he is very understanding. He helps me with my rent and he gives me enough money to go on trips.

I have relatives abroad and whenever I want to visit them, he buys my tickets and gives me pocket money. I told him that the relationship would have to come to an end whenever I found a man. He told me that the man should treat me better than he treats me.

This man is willing to give me his points to get a home from the National Housing Trust. I don't have to go anywhere with him so very few people know that we are having a relationship. The other guy is younger and he is flirty. He also does kinky things when he comes to see me. He is not the type of guy I would marry, but if I need anything he gives it to me. My relatives introduced me to this other man. He lives in New York. He is divorced.

He has two children. He came to Jamaica just to see me and we spent time at his hotel. He has a very good job. His parents are from Jamaica, but they have been living in America for many years. This man wants to marry me and it is just a matter of time before that happens.

When would be the best time for me to tell these two men that I have a proposal from this American man? He has offered to give me a credit card that I can use to pay bills.

No man has ever offered me a credit card. Is it safe to marry this man? My relatives told me that he is a good man.

I am planning to go to New York to be with him for the Easter weekend and we might just get married at that time.

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