"Don't Let Being Cousins Stop You From Being in Love" Intimate Photos Revealed

A WOMAN has revealed she is dating her first cousin after hiding it for years by sharing intimate pictures of the pair kissing online.

Posting several photographs, including ones in their underwear, kissing and cuddling up to each other - she wrote that despite being related, that they were very much in love.

cousin dating 3

Revealing the relationship on Twitter, she wrote beside the photos: "Don't let y'all being cousins stop you from being in love."

cousin dating 3

She went on to reveal that she had romantic feelings for her cousin - whose mother is her mum's blood sister - since they were children.

"Can we change the stigma of incest?" she wrote online. "I shouldn't be limited to who I love because we're related.

"I'm just happy and in love, just so happen to be my cousin. What's the deal? Y'all need to get over who I f***. Cousin or not."

The woman, who goes by the name of Lil Marche on Twitter, hit back at the hundreds of people who criticised her, with many claiming her children would be 'deformed' or that God will 'punish her'.

cousin dating 3

"Maybe if you're distant cousins," wrote one woman. "I know that it’s possible to marry your distant cousin but if y’all close cousins..."

Another added: "There is a special place in hell for that," with someone else saying:"I just want to know how your parents are okay with that?"

"I don't care what anyone says," she responded to the negative messages. "Y'all not going to shame me - I'm in love. No need to be ashamed of it.

cousin dating 3

"I remember growing up we had to hide our love from our family. Sleepovers was too lit. Now we grown and we don't gotta hide.

"Blood can't make us any closer but I'm so glad I fell in love with my cousin. And y'all are lying if you saying you never thought about f***ing your cousin or thought your cousin is cute."

Source: Thesun.co.uk



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