I Quit School After My Teacher Tried to Rape Me; She Sent Me Rude Pics

“I was maybe 15 years old, attending high school in Kingston, when my teacher took a liking to me,” Jason, 27, the victim of the abuse.

“She took my number under the pretense that she would send me homework, and normal conversations then turned into her sending me suggestive pictures.”

He said this made him uncomfortable, as she was in her 40s, and during class hours she would flirt and touch him inappropriately. This continued for months and culminated one day in her sending him to the library on an “errand”, after which she joined him, closed the door, pulled her skirt up, and ordered him to have intercourse with her.

“When I hesitated, she said, 'stop being a p---- and $#%@ me'. When I wouldn't, she pulled her skirt down, pushed me onto a cupboard, pulled my pants down, and initiated oral sex.”

He said this lasted for some five minutes, and when his shocked body wouldn't respond, she said, “this shall continue”.

“Afterwards she would make flirty remarks, ask me to come to her house, and eventually I just stopped going to school because I couldn't take the harassment.”

He said he didn't report it to anyone — “I never even thought about it...”

Under Jamaica's Sexual Offences Act (2009), rape is defined as non-consensual penetration of a vagina by a penis — a narrow definition that fails to protect male victims of rape and female victims of non-vaginal rape or vaginal penetration with an object or body part other than a penis.

This means that rape is not recognized as a gender-neutral activity and as such legally the act can only be committed by a man. This piece of legislation has remained intact despite an increase in reported incidences documenting women-on-men rape.

These incidences, however, have been excluded from the national rape data against the background that there is no supporting legislation in place.



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