My Best-friend And I Gave Her Cousin 0ral Seckx: Says No Girl Should Reject Him

I am 18 years old and I have a problem. It has been bothering me. When I was 16 years old, I went to spend the weekend with a friend. She was my best friend, so my parents always allowed her to come and stay with me at our house.

We studied together and did a lot of things together. We were so close that I even allowed her to wear my underwear one weekend when she was at our house and her period came suddenly.

One weekend when I went to her house, her male cousin came over. He likes music. Her parents were there, but we were on our own. We started to play music softly, and we were drinking. But her parents didn't know what was going on. I was feeling a little tipsy so I laid across the bed, but I was not sleeping.

This guy came on the bed, too, and was telling me that he loves me. My girlfriend started to laugh and said that he always tells her that he loves me. He started to remove my blouse and play with my breasts. My friend started to laugh and say to him that I am only pretending because I love him too.

She unbuttoned my pants and unbuttoned her pants, and her cousin started to touch both of us. The guy took out his equipment then asked both of us to have oral seckx with him. Both of us did.

We did not have seckxual intercourse, but we had oral seckx. This guy stuck on to me after the ordeal. I am attending university, and he is there too. A group of us were eating together, and he whispered to me and asked me if I remember the good time we had.

I told him that I should have reported him. I have a boyfriend, and this guy knows him. I am afraid that he might tell my boyfriend what we did because he chats a lot.

This girl and I are still good friends. I told her what he asked me, and she said she would talk to him about it. My boyfriend and I have never had oral seckx.

This guy has lots of girls, and he believes that no girl should reject him. How can I handle this thing?




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