15-Y-O Girl Plans Get-Away With Boyfriend Much Older Than Her

I really need your help on this matter. I will be 16 years old on the 16th next month. I have a boyfriend whose birthday also falls on March 16; so you see, we have something in common.

He is much older than me and I am so much in love with this guy, but my family doesn't like him because they say he cannot help me in any way, except to give me sex.

He doesn't give me money, but I don't care. I know he has his children to care for. He has a good job.

I went to his workplace one day and we had sex and since then, I have to hide and go there at nights; but I have since stopped after almost getting him in trouble.

It's not about sex. He is very understanding, and we spend hours on the phone at night and in the day.

I am sure that it's me alone he has because we are always talking. I love this guy. It started out as a family talk, now I am understanding he could be my cousin, but now we are lovers and I don't plan to leave him.

My mother beats me if anyone tells her anything about him and me. I am planning to run away and live with him when he comes back from the USA.

He is going away soon.

I am a bit confused about what to do. I love my mother but the love I have for him is just too much, even if they say we are cousins.




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