Boyfriend Doesn't Like When Hair is on The Front

I have a complaint and I want your best advice. I am 30 and my boyfriend is 26.

He is mature but he has some strange ways. I can't discuss some of my problems with my pastor because I am afraid.

This man and I live together. He is a good cook. We have an understanding that who gets home first would cook.

Sometimes he is lazy and he does not cook and we just make sandwiches.

Where I am having problems with this man of late is that he does not like when I allow hair to grow on my vagina.

I could remember when that was not a problem but since he got into this different type or sex (oral), it is a problem to him.

He likes to shave me and I prefer to shave myself. He is making such a fuss nowadays.

I feel that I should just leave him and rent a place on my own.

Do you think he has another woman?

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