Nosey Landlady Keeps Listening When I Having Secks; Wants More For Rent

I am in my mid-20's, a Christian, an active in church who teaches Sunday school. Before I became a Christian, I had a boyfriend. We used to have secks regularly.

Although we did not move in together, he had his little flat, and I rented a one-bedroom place. The lady who I rented it from is nosy.

Every time my boyfriend came there, she knew. She used to take up my clothes off the line if I had them out and it was going to rain.

One weekend one of my sisters was staying with me, and the lady told her how sometimes when my boyfriend is having secks with me, she can hear everything, and how I talk nonsense when he is giving me what I should get.

We are talking about a big woman here. She even told my sister how often my boyfriend comes here, and that she should have charged me more for rent because I am not alone.

I am paying this woman $15,000 for one bedroom and a bathroom and we share the kitchen. Now when my boyfriend comes and we are having secks, I have to turn the television high so that she won't hear us.

She asked me one Sunday morning while I was preparing breakfast why I had the television so high, and I told her that we did not want to disturb her rest and the bed squeaks. She told me that it was better to hear the bed than to hear the television.

Since that time, we have been doing it on the floor. And to think of it, my boyfriend likes this woman.

She is in her 70's. She could be my grandmother. I wouldn't trust my boyfriend with her.

My boyfriend and I don't have secks so regularly now, and we are planning to get married. She does not know of our plans. My boyfriend wants to move in when we get married, but I told him that I would prefer to move in to his place or for both of us to rent somewhere new.

He is paying $12,000 for rent and I am paying $15,000, so we can afford to get a nice little place.




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