I Have 5 Kids For 4 Different Men; My 'Cookie' is Very Noisy

I am 40 years old, and I am the mother of five children. My children are for four different men.

Growing up as a child, I didn't consider having children for multiple men. My mother had three of us, and all for one man. Although she never got married, she and my father lived together.

My father had another woman, but would never admit it. My mother helps me alot with all 5 children.

The fathers of my children were not all good to me, but I refused to take them to court. The one who helped the most was killed by a bullet sometime ago.

I now have a different man in my life who is a good man. He helps me a lot. For a single mother with 5 kids, I'm greatful.

I came to live with this man a year ago, but I have a constant embarrassing problem for which I am seeking some advice.

Sometimes when we are having secks, my vagina makes noises like I am passing wind.

At times I try to keep my legs close together, but my boyfriend keeps slapping (spanking) me and telling me to open up.

My boyfriend says I should not be embarrassed.

He is a very caring man and I would hate to lose him or this relationship.

I would like to know what can be done to stop my private parts from making noise.




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