I Can't Satisfy My Girlfriend Anymore; What Should i do?

I am 45 years old and I am having a problem. I used to have very hard erections. My girlfriend is 28 and sometimes she asks what is wrong with me.

All the time, I think that she is going to give me bun. I heard her talking to one of her friends. She was asking her what she can give me to help me to have a firm erection.

Her girlfriend told her that she should not put up with that. She encouraged me to go to the doctor and I went. The doctor gave me some pills, but they are not working.

My girlfriend is always masturbating to satisfy herself. I feel inadequate.

She falls asleep only when I help her to masturbate.

She does not have children and she would love to get pregnant, but I am not sure in my condition I will be able to get her pregnant.

I hear people talking about the different things men can take when they have problems having a firm erection.

I don't want to hurt myself. I believe that this woman is too young for me, and if I have an older woman, she may understand and tolerate my problem more.

But I love my girlfriend. She accepts what I give her. I don't find her to be a gold digger and we have been together for three years.

What would you suggest I do?

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