Angry Family Members Beat Gay Men Senseless At Grandma's Funeral

A Jamaica-born woman, Pauline Martin has vowed never to return to the island because of a recent experience she encountered with her own relatives.

The Canadian resident said she and other family members were attacked because they tried to prevent her cousin from attacking her nephew because of his sexuality.

The scuffle began inside the church during the funeral for their grandmother that passed. She celebrated her 104th birthday some months earlier.

"My nephew is gay, and he came with a 'friend' for the funeral. While he was in the church, one of my family members hit my nephew on the shoulder and told him not to come to the my grandmother's home to eat and stuff. He made it clear he doesn't want no b***y bwoy there," she said.

Martin said that she tried to calm the situation in the church, but things were far from over. She said that she left the funeral early and was having a meal at her grandmother's house when she heard a commotion.

"While I was there (grandmother's house), I saw people running, and a deh so me realise say the guys were serious. I saw them hitting my nephew in his head and burst up the next little guy head," she said

"They took my nephew's friend away [in another vehicle], and we got even more scared, and a think say dem a go kill him now, so we start chase the vehicle. My sister and I and my kids and other family members were crying and getting hysterical. They chased my nephew, and he ran down a gully," Martin added.

A video clip which shows a man Martin identified as her nephew's friend bleeding from the arm and head. Another section of the video also shows one of the two men being assaulted hanging on to a female as he tries to escape from the blows that were being hurled on him.

Martin said that her sister and kids were also targeted by the angry family members because they tried to intervene in the matter.

"It was pure chaos and I thought she and my kids were going to die. We called the police and that's where things kinda get under control. The police didn't arrest them, and I found that strange. But we got the chance to escape," she said, noting that persons were still trying to hit the men even in the presence of the police.

Martin said that the matter was reported at several police stations.

The police have confirmed the incident.



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