My Mother Flirting With My Boyfriend; Demanding Money Every Weekend

I am 16 years old, and I am in need of some advice. My boyfriend is 19 years old, and my mother knows him. He helps to send me to school.

I just got money from him to purchase school cloths. He is the love of my life. He is living alone, so I spend lots of time with him because my mother doesn't care much about me. I have a younger sister who is 14 years old. My father lives in one of the islands, and he sends money for me whenever he has it.

I am very upset with my mother. My boyfriend told me that my mother is always making passes at him. He said he is not that type of guy, but he says that if he wanted my mother, he could get her. I don't doubt him because my aunt told me that my mother likes young guys.

After every time I see my boyfriend on weekends, my mother asks me if he didn't give me any money. He gives me money every weekend, but sometimes I have to lie and tell her that he has bills to pay or his rent is due.

The only thing my mother says to me about my boyfriend is that I should be careful not to let him get me pregnant. I have been having sex with my boyfriend for nearly one year. I will be 17 on December 30, and since the time my mother suspected that I was having sex with my boyfriend, she has not bought me even a panty. If it wasn't for my boyfriend, I wouldn't wear any proper underwear.

I only have one challenge. My boyfriend's mother does not like me. Every time she sees us together, she calls me 'little girl'. My boyfriend lied to her and told her that I am 18 years old. One day, she asked me about my true age, and I told her that I was 18. Sometimes I wear a padded bra because I have very small breasts. My small breasts and small body give me away.

Whatever my boyfriend gives me, I take because my mother doesn't care about me. but I would like her to leave my boyfriend alone.



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