Which One of My Women Should I Keep; Which to Delete

I am in love with a girl but I am not sure that she is in love with me. I don't drive and I don't make a lot of money.

This girl and I attend the same church. She says that she loves me.

We talk on the phone often, but every time I invite her to go out with me she has an excuse. Twice, I have noticed a guy coming by after church to pick her up. And when he comes she hurriedly gets into his car and she is gone.

Then she would call me in the evening and when I tell her that I am not pleased she tells me that I should not be worried, he is just a friend.

I am now interested in another girl, but I am afraid to tell the one from church.

I am only searching out this new girl. This one is very simple and she doesn't dress up. I am getting to like her. I have even promised to give her money to buy some clothes. She sells on the street and she is not afraid to do so.

She also has a child and she does not know where to find his father. The father has never supported the boy. I give her money to help to send the little boy to school, so now I have found myself with two girlfriends that I did not mean to have.

One who goes out with another guy and tells me not to worry and one who is poor but likes me. I am 23 and this girl who has the child is 25.

The other girl is 19. The girl with the child doesn't live in a very nice area.

The people use outside toilet but she keeps her house very clean. I feel frustrated sometimes because I don't know what to do.

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