Men in Jamaica Tied the 'Knot' in Marriage at Hotel in Portland

Two Jamaican men got 'married' in a lavish ceremony held at a hotel in Portland recently, one witness stated. Their names are being withheld.

According to one witness, the outdoor ceremony, which took place on July 28, was attended by close to 60 guests.

The witness said that guests had to sign a document agreeing not to record any part of the event before they were escorted to their seats by ushers.

Witnesses said the two men were dressed in tuxedos and that the person who officiated did not appear to be a minister of religion.

After the exchange of vows, one witness said they were given the go-ahead to "kiss the groom". Both men also agreed to take each other's surname.

"After the wedding, they changed into a gown thing like what the Muslim prince dem wear," the witness said, adding that there were two more wardrobe changes before the night ended.

A manager at the hotel told THE STAR that she was "unable to provide information or confirm any information regarding a wedding being held here".

"I have to bring this to upper management for them to comment on that," the manager said.

An employee at the hotel confirmed that there was a wedding on July 28, but declined to comment any further.

Reverend Karl Johnson, a minister of religion, said the incident bothered him for several reasons and questioned: "What legal instrument was used for that ceremony".

Further, Johnson said in addition to being illegal, it goes against his personal conviction.

"I am willing to surrender the licence afforded me by the State if it means I have to go against my conviction," he said.

He noted that a marriage, as defined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, is between a male and a female.

"So it [the wedding between the two men] is against the law, it is against my conviction, and it is against public sentiments," Johnson said.



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