Caught Between A White Girl And A Black Girl; Who Should I Choose?

I am having a problem. I have two girlfriends. The one in America is white and the other, who is in Jamaica, is black. I met my white girlfriend while I was studying in America.

She is the sister of one of my friends. Whenever I had a break, I used to go with my friend to his house. I became part of their family. I even cooked them Jamaican foods. They loved my cooking. I got involved with his sister. That was not my plans at all because I had a girlfriend in Jamaica.

When I saw that she and I were getting close, I told her about my girlfriend in Jamaica, but that did not stop her. At one time she asked me, how could I be sure that my girlfriend didn't have another man in Jamaica while I was in America? I told her that I did not think so because Jamaica is a small place and many people know me. I have lots of friends, so they would tell me.

Sometimes this girl gave me money because she was working. One night I was at her house and we were alone. Her brother took his parents out to a meeting. He developed problems with the car and called and told us that he was getting back late.

This girl and I had sex. I did not know that she was still a virgin because she was 25 years old. The way she used to behave so sexy, I couldn't imagine that no man had ever her taken maiden. When I entered her, it was then I believed that she was a virgin. Before we had sex, she kissed me so passionately that I taught that she was sexually active.

She groaned a little while we were having sex, but not much. But when we were finished having sex, she told me that now that I took her virginity, I would have to marry her and forget my Jamaican girl. I could not answer her. She did not stop there. She told her brother that we had sex. I was shocked that she told him. He did not believe her so he asked me and I told him that I couldn't discuss anything about his sister and myself.

We started to go out alone and every opportunity we got, we had sex. I got to love her but I didn't know how to tell my girlfriend in Jamaica that I was with another woman, and she is white.

I came to Jamaica and I brought her brother and herself with me and tried to pretend that there was nothing between us. When I met my girlfriend, she saw right through me. I could not pretend. I told her the truth and my holiday was ruined. I had to cut short the time that I planned to stay in Jamaica.

Now, this white girl wants us to get married. I am confused. My girlfriend called me. She has forgiven me for straying. I love her more than this girl.

If I get married to this American girl, I wouldn't have to worry. But I don't love her as much as I love my Jamaican girl.

Please help me to make the correct decision.


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