Baby-mother 6-Months Pregnant And 'Grinding' Another Man For Free

 I have a babymother who has one child for me. The child is one-year-old, but she and I are not together again.

When she was six months pregnant, she had sex with her previous boyfriend. I came home one day and saw his motorbike parked in the yard.

I went inside and saw him sitting around the dining table; he did not have on any shoes.

I said good evening and passed, my girlfriend was in the bathroom taking a quick bath.

They heard when I was coming, so she ran into the bathroom.

The guy did not have any time to put on his shoes.

The guy looked very nervous when I came back out, but he put on his shoes and left.

It took my girlfriend three days to tell me the truth. She admitted having sex with him although she was six months pregnant.

She said she did it because she was in need and all the strain was on me.

I asked her how much money he gave her. She said she did not get the money as yet because they heard me coming, so they stopped before anything went on.

As I see it now, I can't be sure that this child is mine. If she would have sex while she is pregnant, then she could have had it before she got pregnant.

That is what I told her. Everybody says the baby resembles me, but not everybody knows that she cheated on me.

I asked her what is the name of the man but she wouldn't tell me. The mistake I made was not taking the number of the motorbike's licence plate.

I don't know if this man calls her or if she calls him. I can't trust her. She didn't have to have sex to get money. My folks would have helped her.

I would like to run into this man one day. I love my son, but my mind has changed from this woman.

When I think about it sometimes, I don't even want to eat from her. My son is too young to take away from her.




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