How Do I Tell My Sister Her 'Future Husband' Took My Virginity

I am 19 years old, and for four years I have been carrying a secret for my sister's boyfriend. My sister has been living with a man and I went to spend time with them and to attend the christening of their baby.

While I was there, my sister left the baby with me and went out to do some shopping for the after-christening dinner. Her boyfriend came home and forced me to have sex with him. I was a virgin.

I didn't agree to have sex with him, but he is big and strong, so he held me and I was scared to cry out. So, he had sex with me.

I told him that I was going to tell my sister, but I said to myself she might not believe, so I kept it to myself.

Now, my sister and this man are planning to get married and my sister wants me to be a part of the bridal party.

I told her yes, but every time I think of what this man did to me, my hate grew. I look back and I am glad that I did not get pregnant, because he never used protection.

I love my little niece, but I just can't stand my sister's husband. I don't talk to him much, and my sister always asks me why I don't talk to him, but I never gave her the reason.

My sister told me that he whispered to her saying he doesn't like my boyfriend. When my sister whispered it back to me, I muffled back saying "He should know why he doesn't like him," She ask what did i say, but I kept quiet.

Do you think that I should tell her what he did to me and that I should not attend the wedding? I am waiting for your reply.

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