My Mother Hates Me Because I'm 'Black' Just Like My Father

My mother would beat me for every little mistake and anything she could grab, she would throw it at me. Every day she told me that I wouldn't come to anything.

My mother has three daughters. My two older sisters are of light complexion. Their father left my mother because he said she cheated on him.

She got a job and was having a relationship with the man she was working for and he got her pregnant. That man is my father. He was a very black man.

He supported her and my two sisters. My mother doesn't love me because I resembled my father and I am black like him. Even my sisters don't like me because of my mother.

When I was almost 18 years old, my father became ill and couldn't work. My mother didn't show him any love. I got a job and helped to support my father. He got better and went to the US.

After a few months, my mother brought a man in my father's house. I called my father and told him.

My sisters told her that the man shouldn't sleep at the house with her and neighbours seeing.

She says that I will have to leave, but my father told me that I should not leave because he is going to give me the house when the time comes.

I have a boyfriend and my father gave me permission to allow him to stay with me. Since he is here with me, my mother threatened to throw me out.

She has her man, but she spends most of her time at the house he rented. My sisters' boyfriends come and go.

Sometimes they sleep here; that is not my problem. My father got married in the US and he said he is giving me this house.

With all this heat going on right now, I need the best advice possible.




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