Clients Getting 'Kicks' Being Human Toilet at Port Henderson Backroad

Some ladies of the night say they have had to turn away customers who have made shocking requests after paying for their services.

Pineapple*, who hangs out at the popular Port Henderson Road in St Catherine, told THE STAR that there was one occasion when a man wanted her to accept his foot.

"Me meet some man who have some outrageous demands but the one man me can't forget is one who wanted to pay extra to put his foot inside of me. Him tell me say a dat alone make him climax cause regular sex boring. Me just take way myself cause him nah mash up my good good," she said, between laughter.

She stated that she was once slapped across the face by one of her clients because she refused to perform oral sex on his partner.

"Him tell me say she wah watch and me never have a problem with it, but when me half-way, him wah me go dung on him ugly gal. Me never did a go do it cause she nuh stay good and when me start cuss the man give me a box, me ears whistle. A deh suh me tell myself say me nah have sex in anyone car again. Dem have to pay for a room," Pineapple said.

Ginger* said a man offered her $15,000 to allow him to be her toilet.

"The man say him get him kicks' if me s**t on him chest. Me frighten and feel sick at the same time, but when him promise me $15,000, me tell myself say me a go try. But it woulda never happen, no matter how me force it. Him vex and leave and never give me a red cent, but such is life," she said.

Both young women, who said they are in their early 20s, said prostitution is only temporary as they have plans of living ordinary lives.



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