Man Threaten to Kill Church Elder Who Offered Job But Gave S.T.D

A member of a St Mary church is threatening to kill one of the elders if he does not pay his medical bill after infecting him with a sexually transmitted disease.

According to an article from THE STAR, the victim was raped by the clergyman after he was offered a job.

He stated that he did not report the matter to the police because he was afraid of being labelled as gay.

"I was working with him and he compelled me to have sex. It happen and I said to him: 'Sir, you have to do something 'cause me a pass blood and ting and me need to go to the doctor'. Him tell me he will take care of it and all now," he said.

"Me a tell you di truth, enuh, if him no give me the money to go doctor, me a go kill him, enuh. Him nah take no call from me and nothing, but if him no do what him should do, a bloodshed a guh happen," he added angrily.

He said the incident happened last year and the infection has gotten worse over time. The man, who shares a home with his girlfriend, said she recently found out about the incident.

"Me no comfortable right now cause me girlfriend know everything bout me. I can't hide it cuz she search me phone one night when me a sleep and see the text messages dem. She always a ask me how me a scratch me bottom so and me always a tell her say a di hair dem. She start cry when she find out," he said.

"All i has received from the elder are unfulfilled promises"

"It's like him wa me go buss it out in front a him wife and kids a church, say him rape me. Me a nuh gay man and me nuh love man," he said.

He emphasised that he would not contemplate going to the community's health centre because "Dem people deh mouth a nuh fi dem".

"Inna my community dem nuh keep information to themselves. Once that broadcast, me a go get gunshot," he said.

Contacts were made with the church elder who quickly dismissed the claims. He called the victim a scammer and said he has scammed persons of their money in the past.

He denied having any form of sexual relationship with him.

"If you should see the physical build of both persons you would have realised that it's impossible. He is big and tall and I am little. I never had any form of sexual encounter with him," he said.

He stated that victim was never officially employed to his company because he stated that he 'could not do hard work'.

He admitted that he had offered marriage counselling sessions to the victim and his girlfriend although he highly suspected that he was a homosexual.



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