Experts Say 3-Way Relationships Are More Healthier Than Monogamous

There is this saying that (2) two is company but (3) three is a crowd, these days, that number represents the spice that some persons have added to their secks life.

According to secks expert Shelly-Ann Weeks, a lot of persons are partaking in 'trouple' relationships. This is a three-person relationship where the parties are aware of each other and often partake in regular activities.

"This has been popular for a while now. Usually, not all the women will know about each other. For instance, the main chick will not know about the side one but the side will know about her," she said. "In instances when all the parties know about each other and know what they are doing, and can make conscious decisions, it can be healthy."

One university graduate who decided to share her story is fully involved in one such relationship.

She was quick to point out that she did not grow up in a polygamous household, but got introduced to the lifestyle after she met her partner at university.

"He had the Christian face but he transformed in bed. It was the two of us and he introduced me to different aspect of secks, including the 'poop-hole' and bondage, but he wanted more," she said.

She said that one night after a couple of alcoholic drinks, her boyfriend introduced her to a female.

"He said he wanted her to give me a good time, and, of course, I was hesitant at first but warmed up to the idea when she began doing her thing. I was ashamed the next day and couldn't make eye contact. It was my first time tasting another female and everything was awkward," she said.

She stated that she and her partner have had several encounters with other females, but admits that she has had numerous bouts of jealously.

"I can be an extremely jealous and possessive person. I can be dark and moody, stormy and unpredictable, but he always finds ways of making me feel secure," she said.

The 26 year old mentioned that the second woman in her relationship is a roommate from her days at university.

"We made out a couple of times, but I realised I wanted more. After college I invited her to live with me and my boyfriend and then I realised he wanted her also. It was never planned, but months later we were in a 'trouple' relationship and it was real love. We share everything including the bills and chores," she said.

"Our their three-way relationship is way more than sex"

"We have talks about making a family. We are a trinity. We all wear rings to symbolise our love. What we have is real and we get critics where people call us freaks but I personally don't care," she said.

Despite the relationship going for two years, Smith said she sometimes still feels insecure and overly jealous.

"There were times when what I wanted was that fantasy of one love, that idea that he wants me and no one else, that I can satisfy all of him. But that came up against the hard reality of my own needs and wants," she said.

Weeks said relationship's like this can be quite healthy.

"We always try to put people in a monogamous situation, and truth be told, monogamy doesn't work for everybody. So as long as all the parties are aware of what is happening and decide to be part of it, the relationship has the potential to go places," she said.



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