My 50-Y-O Mom Cheats on My Dad; He's 'Waste of Time' Can't Please Her

I am 23 years old and my mother is 50 years old. My father is 63 years old. He is strong and a hard worker. I have been married for nine months, and I am pregnant.

My husband broke the most hurtful news to me that one evening while he was at my parents' home, he overheard my father cursing my mother, calling her a whore because she is keeping another man with him.

My father knew that my husband heard him. He told my father that he should not say what he did, but my father repeated what he said. My mother told my father that the reason she has to keep another man with him is because he is unable to 'sex' her well.

She also told him that she wants what he can't give to her.

My husband told me that he knows the man who is having sex with my mother. He picks her up from work sometimes. I talked to my mother about what my father accused her of, and she said she didn't mean to say that to my father, it just slipped out of her mouth.

She denied the claim and said that the man is just her good friend.

Before I got married, I heard my mother telling one of her female friends the type of sex she likes and that my father is a waste of time. My father is not stupid, another man is touching my mother. I see the types of underwear my mother is wearing, and they can't be sexier.

She never used to wear these sexy panties. Something must be happening, and I don't want my father to get into trouble.

How can i fix this, please help me.



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