My 'White Liver' Sister Cheats On A Guy Who Liked Me First; Want Her Out

I am 25 years old and I have a sister who is 23 years old. She has a boyfriend, who is 26 years old. He is a man of the law. He treats her well. He is my good friend, but my sister has 'white liver'.

She just can't keep one man. She has been with this guy for one year. He gives her money, but she is still having an affair with her former boyfriend.

Her former boyfriend gives her money too, but she told him that she is going to leave her present boyfriend. He asked me if she was still with the guy, and I told him that he has to find that out for himself.

The problem I am having is that I caught her having sex with her former boyfriend, and she begged me not to say anything to her present boyfriend.

I do not know what to do, because we talked about that before and I told her that she should make up her mind. Her present boyfriend likes me. I was the one who turned him down, and that is why both of them became friends.

I never told her that he likes me, but I cannot live with myself knowing that we are sisters and that she has this man and still having sex with her old boyfriend.

Another thing that I am upset with her about is that when she came to Kingston I took her in because we are sisters, and I told her that we can live together until she is able to buy her own furniture and move out, because I like my privacy. She shouldn't have brought this man on my bed, but that is what she did.

I don't like what she did, and that was not the first time.

I suspected that she brought other men on my bed because we changed the sheets on the bed before I went to work, and when I came back from work, the sheets were changed again. I asked her why she changed the sheet and she said nothing. I am not stupid.

I can't tell her not to have sex. She didn't expect me to come home early. I do go to school in the evenings, but I wasn't feeling well on that day. So I came home, only to see her and this man having sex.

I do not have a boyfriend at the moment, but if I tell her present boyfriend what she is doing, she would know that I reported her to him. He is going to ask her, and she is going to say that I am wicked and it is because I want to have her man.

I told her that she should try and get a place for herself and let her men help her to pay for it. She can get a furnished room. All she is saying is that I should give her more time and she is sorry for what she did. Sometimes she comes in very late, and the area I am living in is not upscale. I warn her, but she is not listening.

Should I just tell her to pack her things and leave?



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