I Got Pregnant on The House Top; He Keeps Denying Being The Father

I am 23 and I am three months pregnant, but the man who got me pregnant told me that I should throw it away or go and find the correct father.

He knows that he is the father. I only had three other men in my life, but for the last six months, he is the only man I have been having sex with.

I live with my father, who is a drunkard. He is always miserable when he drinks. I do my best to take care of him.

The first guy I had sex with is a friend of my father. I wasn't ready, but he used to come around here and my father trusted him. He taught me to play dominoes.

He took my virginity. His people filed for him, so he went to live abroad.

This guy who got me pregnant caused me to be bad. Our house has a flat roof. My father didn't like me having guys from the area.

One day, he came by the house to see me and I was on the housetop, so he came up to where I was. I had a chair up there and a blanket. He told me that it was a nice place to have sex.

I didn't take him seriously. One night, I went up there again and he called me on the phone. I told him that I was there and he said he was coming. I told him my father was around but he had gone to bed.

The boy came and the dogs started to bark. My father didn't hear because he was under his liquor.

This guy was up there with me for about two hours. Before he left, we had sex. That was the Friday evening. We promised to meet the Saturday night.

He came back and he brought condoms this time and we used it. But the first time we had sex, we did not use anything. I know that the child I am carrying is his child.

My father is quarrelling with me every day because I had to tell him who got me pregnant. I am ashamed, especially over how I got pregnant.

Right now I am in college and I don't want to stop.

I do not plan to have an abortion, but my father always say that I should wait until I am married before I have a child. Now I have let him down and myself. I love my dad.

What shall I do?



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