Woman Very Attracted to Jamaican Men But Have No Luck Keeping One

I am a 26-year-old successful female living in the US pursuing a law degree. The problem is that I am from Trinidad and Tobago, and I am very attracted to Jamaican men.

Its so unfortunate that all three who I have been with have hurt me tremendously. I was with an entertainer in Jamaica for three years. I stuck by him when he didn't have anything, and, at the heights of his career, when the money came rolling in, he found another woman and was trying to keep me as the main woman because he wanted me to have his baby.

I bowed out of that option gracefully and went back to school.

The other guy who I dated from Jamaica abused me. I called the cops, and he was arrested. After four years of not visiting Jamaica, I came back. Once again, I saw someone who I am attracted to. However, I am wondering if I should pursue this relationship.

I am having the feeling that I will be treated the same way by every Jamaican man. This guy claims that it will be different, but I do not want to put thousands of dollars into a relationship that will turn out to be the same thing.

My parents hate when I date Jamaican men because of what happened in the past, but they are very happy when I bring other guys from other islands around.

Question, should I put anything into this relationship with the guy from Jamaica, or should I just look for someone in the US?



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