Age 20; Slept With Over 100 Men; Woman Wish To Change Lifestyle

At 20 years old, Jane Miller* says her life has not been easy. And after having sex with more than 100 men, she is ready to change and be a better person.

Miller said that after struggling for almost three years, she saw an advertisement in the newspaper about a job opening and decided to call. She said that she was asked to come in for an interview, and that is when she found out that massaging was not the only thing she would be required to do.


"When I went to the interview, they told me that I would have to sleep with men, and I said no. It was not something I was used to or even thought of doing like that. But after a while and the pressure reach me, I called them back and started to work," she said.

She explained that she worked at the establishment for two weeks in the first quarter of last year, and then for another two weeks in December.

Miller said that she has been struggling for most of her life to find food to eat. She said this lack of financial stability led her in a direction she was not comfortable with.

"I found myself being used by men when I ask them for help. They bring me to a motel, have sex with me and give me some money," said the woman, who is now unemployed.


Miller told THE STAR that her plight started at age 16 when she was taken advantage of by an educator.

And the cycle would continue when she met another man, who she found out was a principal at a primary school.

"When I was in high school, and I saw this man going into his car. I said: 'Hello, Sir. Good afternoon. Sorry to stop you like that, but I am just asking, please if you could help me make up to get some things for my practical?' He gave me his number and 5 bills ($500 JMD) at the time. He kept calling until it reach the point where he was doing the same thing the vice-principal did," she said.


With tears in her eyes, Miller recounted the many times, she had to be going from place to place asking people to allow her to spend the night in their homes because she had nowhere to lay her head.

She explained that she was living with her grandmother until the latter part of 2015, when they had to leave the house they were living in because they were not able to pay the rent. Her grandmother found shelter at her daughter's house, but when Miller went to her father to find support, she found grief.

She said that she thought about staying with her mother, but after what she had encountered before she did not go there.


"Being around my mom, it wasn't well because she was always saying that she doesn't like my father and she was raped when she got me. It kinda get to me. My mother always tell me to leave her house, and one day I just got up and left. After that I had to be going from one house to another asking persons to let me stay the night," she said.


After her many attempts to get help from people who took advantage of her in her time of need, Miller said she is simply frustrated. She said that she is trying to change her life.

"I would like to get something. I have a skill, yes, housekeeping. But I wish I could get something better as I am willing to learn something to help me better myself," she said.




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