Men Should Marry Three Wives to Reduce Number of Single Woman

Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) secretary general Francis Atwoli has sparked controversy again after he dismissed family planning, suggesting that parents need to get as many children as they want as they are bound to be left by their kids whether they are male or female.

Having many children will thus ensure they do not get disadvantaged early in life.

“Family planning for what? You get a boy and a girl. The boy child might smoke ganja while the girl child will be married, who will you remain with?” he posed at a function in July this year (2016).

Now, Atwoli is advocating for polygamy, saying that is the only way the number of single women in the world can be minimised.

“The world is over, there are more women than men (65% in my quote). If we don’t marry many wives, who will marry our daughters? I am encouraging my sons to marry more than three wives so that we can reduce the population of unmarried women.

Francis Atwoli

It’s a taboo in our community to bury our daughters where they were born, they must be married somewhere,” he said in a wide-ranging interview.

Atwoli, who has two wives, has previously declined to give the number of his children. Among the Luhya people, it is taboo to give one’s exact number of children.

At the same time, some Luhya men do not describe the number of women they are having affairs with for fear of being harmed or eliminated.

“I know a number of my colleagues who are living a lie. It is a sign of disrespect to cohabit with someone under one roof, have children and still face the cameras and deny they even exist, only for them to crop up during burial to fight for property,” Khalwale told The Standard in a past interview.

Many woman would never agree to this kind of lifestyle no matter how bad the situation gets, but just think about it, think of the main reason why you would find your self sharing a partner, a roof and children.

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