Kenya Pastor Drinks Beer; Allows Sexual Activities Between Its Members

This Tanzania pastor has the latest secks church in Kenya which promotes the drinking of beer during the service and one hour of sexual intercourse with whoever is seating next to you.

Shocking isn't it? But according to sources, umahiprince, the church encourages the exchange of wives and husband for sexual desire and also advice women not to be jealous when their husbands want to have secks with other ladies.

This may not be a shocking store to you being that several other stories emerged from Kenya where pastors have regularly indulge church members into very bizarre activities such as grazing, drinking dettol (acid bleach) by means of cleansing their body and also there was this one pastor who's feet never touch the ground while ministering, his ministering platform was on the backs of male church members. Pastor kicking pregnant woman in the gut...

These stories are true and am sure we can all agree that this is very far from the religious practice of Christianity.

Pastor kissing church member
Pastor kissing church member
Pastor drinking beer

'Don't confuse Christianity with these nonsense..this is the temple of the devil..This people are mocking the name of the Lord and soon he will react' one commentator wrote who was disgust at the original Facebook Post



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