21-Y-O Girl Demands $100,000 to 'Keep Quiet' About Pregnancy

I am 62 years old and happily married, but my wife practically lives in America so she would come and go as she pleases. I don't like living alone, but that is what I have found myself doing. I am still sexually active, so women would always be around me.

Whenever my wife visits, each girl knows that they have to take themselves away from my house. But here is the problem that I am having.

Surprisingly, one of the girls is pregnant and she has been calling my name.

Somehow this has gotten to my daughter, who asked me about it. I denied it to the ground, but I have a gutted feeeling that the child is mine.

This girl is only 21 years old. Her mother told me that nobody has to know. She said that I should just give them $100,000 and forget about it. I told them that I will give them $50,000.

She is not keeping her tongue because she has already told two other girls about the pregnancy.

I know I had 'secks' with her. I made a mistake by not using the condom, but how could I be sure that the child is mine?

Do you think I should just give her the money and let her go? I know she is pregnant even though some of these girls tend to lie.

It could be a younger man who got her pregnant and not me, am 62.

If I were younger it wouldn't bother me, but this will be an embarrassment my children, especially my daughter.

My plan is to get rid of all of these girls from the house, and insist that my wife comes home for good because I cannot do without a woman.

What is your advice?



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