50-Y-O Jamaican Woman Tricked Foreigner With Fake 'Baby Bump'

There was high drama at a central Jamaica hospital last Saturday, when a man visiting from overseas, went to the health institution to see his newborn baby and his babymother.

However, the man received the shock of his life when it was revealed that the woman was never pregnant.

It is understood that the woman, who is said to be about 50, had informed her 30-year-old lover that she was pregnant.

The man continued sending her goodies, taking care of her and the alleged unborn child. But the woman was only using him to get financial benefits.


It was understood that the woman received a message that her lover was on the island and was on his way to see her and his child.

It is understood the woman went to the hospital to see if health officials could give her a letter or some form of documentation to say she had a miscarriage.

The drama started unfolding some time before noon when the woman turned up with belongings and headed for the maternity ward.

This was in an attempt to ensure that her companion could see her at the facility, to convince him that she was really pregnant.

According to eyewitnesses, the man turned up in a posh SUV, and was met by someone from the woman's community who knew that they were in a relationship.


It is understood that when the man said he was there to see his newborn and his babymother, he received the bad news that the woman was never pregnant.

It is reported that the disappointed man wept uncontrollably and had to be consoled by several persons.

It is also learnt that his lover, on hearing what was happening, fled the scene to avoid additional drama.

Source: Jamaica Star



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