Teen Has A More Serious Health Issue Than How She Now Looks

Almost everyone has heard about the Iranian teenager who has had over 50 cosmetic surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie. Unfortunately, online trolls say she looks more like a character from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride than the beautiful American actress.

Since her story went viral, there has been a public outcry over the lack of ethical consideration on the part of this young woman’s doctors.

There are also grave concerns for her health, with anorexia and body dysmorphia being the possible serious conditions she is likely to have.

Angelina Jolie | Sahar Tabar

In case you missed it, Iranian teenager, Sahar Tabar, underwent multiple plastic surgeries in an attempt to supposedly look like her idol, Angelina Jolie. The transformation was jaw-dropping and left many wondering if the final result didn’t also involve the use of prosthetics and makeup.

Sahar also admitted that she lost a whopping 80 lbs to more closely resemble Angelina, who is incredibly thin and has battled anorexia rumors while in the spotlight. In fact, it’s been reported by The Sun that she now weighs a mere 40 lbs.

There are concerns that Sahar could be anorexic, and it has been suggested that she most likely suffers from body dysmorphia, which calls into question why anyone would operate on someone so clearly suffering from such a disorder.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a celebrity plastic surgeon, said, “This woman needs hospitalization, a feeding tube to increase protein intake and major intensive psychiatric therapy or she may die of starvation.”


Body dysmorphia is a mental condition where a person believes that their own body is so flawed that they go to extreme measures to change or fix it. Usually, any actual flaw is imagined or exaggerated, but is constantly on the sufferer’s mind, occupying their thoughts for hours a day.

Michael Jackson is believed to have had body dysmorphia, radically changing his appearance through surgery and other methods to look completely different than he had previously.

Body dysmorphia usually sets in during adolescence, and unfortunately it is associated with high rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide. It also shares some characteristics with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It is believed that the condition affects roughly 2.4% of the population, but also that it is greatly under-diagnosed.

Many people online have questioned how Sahar’s doctors could have agreed to perform her surgeries. One commenter asked, “What doctor would do that to a young girl?? They should be ashamed!”

“The plastic surgeons who did this should be skinned alive,” another commented. “Doesn’t matter if she asked for it, should’ve redirected her to a psychiatrist. This is madness.”

Salzhauer has analyzed Sahar’s photographs and continued, “The lips look overfilled with filler and she has also likely had a ‘lip lift’ procedure to turn her lip up and show more vermillion, which is the red part of the lip.”

“Most of the other distortion is from anorexia,” he said. “She is clearly protein deficient, which causes the hallowing out of the temporal areas and cheeks – which gives a ‘skeleton’ look.”

It begs the question, do cosmetic surgeons ever tell a patient ‘no’?

It is unclear whether or not Sahar has received counseling or therapy of any kind. Only time will tell what effect her body transformation may have on her long-term mental health.


Source: viralthread.com



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