Man Badly Brutalizes His Own Mother Putting Two Girlfriends Before Her

Jamaican man brutalized his own mother putting his two girlfriends before her in a bid to get one of them to inherit his now dead grandfather's home.

"I can not talk to him anymore, he will only realize  what is happening when its too late. To save my self and him from this nightmare, i have no other choice but to put it into police hands."

The Mothers stated in a post on Facebook that the girl might have TIED (to cast a spell) him because that's not her son or the way he was raised.

Since he started talking to her he doesn't listen to me no more, he doesn't seem to even want to hear my voice, he stops calling, visiting my house, even giving me a top-up on grocery, everything has change!

It was when he had thrown the first blow to my face i realize something was seriously wrong.

Bruise to the face
Bruise to the hand (bloodshot)
Bruise to the hand (close up)
Bruise to the hand (close up)
Son and his two girlfriends

The disappointed mother posted on Facebook ...

'You see dem two gal with the bowy, the bowy a me son, look at Wats him do me fi dem, the one on the left nuh live no way & come in a me father dead left yard fi live, a dem mek me son fight me&say if dem come out him a go kill me, me mind the dutty bowy without a father and a this me get, dem go out & set him so, me can't talk more, it in the law hand'



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