My Worthless Husband Fed my Good Food to a Side-chick

I have many friends. I treat them well, but I have never told them my secrets because your friends can become your foe. And when your friend becomes your foe, they will tell people all over the world your secrets.

So, don't tell anyone your secrets unless that person is a counsellor. From I was growing up, I learnt that. An extract article from the Jamaica Star

I was deceived by my husband. He told me he was working at a certain place and he had to work just about every day. I believed him and I gave him food to serve him for five days so that he would not have to buy food for those days.

I heard that he was having a relationship with a woman where he was working, and I chartered a taxi and trailed him one Sunday evening. When I reached the house, the young lady with whom he was having the relationship was eating my dinner out of my dish and by the way I am slim.

When my husband saw me, he said to the girl, "run" and he locked the door. I realised the gate was locked, so I jumped the wall. I had a piece of steel in my hand, so he ran too. I was in so much rage, I beat the car and smashed it so badly that the police intervened.

I cooked five different delicious meals for him and the woman was there eating my food. I didn't catch her; it was the police who took me home. I broke up with him from that day, and since that time I have been single.

Five years have gone since he deceived me big time. I am now a Christian. I will marry again, but it is going to take me a long time to do so. My husband wants me back, but I am not interested in going back to him. I do not love him anymore.

Source: Jamaica Star



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