How to Prevent Your Man From Cheating

Ladies do you think you can prevent a man from cheating? No, if he decides to cheat he is going to with the hopes of not getting caught. Now the key method to this lost prevention is to minimize boredom and increase excitement in your relationship.

Firstly, you give them the leverage to want sex outside the home and secondly, another woman gives him the reason to be going outside the home.

While a man will understand that he’s the head of the house, he refuse to be bombarded with all the problems that doesn’t add to bill payments or put food on the table for the family.

The core persons that influence a man to cheat are the wives and the side chicks or hen if you may say.

While the wife wears the ring to show she has part ownership in the pants of her husband, she forgets the vibrant person she was to him.

To keep a healthy relationship, one must be very active i.e. ensure that there is something new being brought to the bedroom and when it gets there both parties are willing to try.

These include oral secks, role play, toys etc.


The wife ensures the husband is properly groomed and well portrayed to the outer world however, the side chick ensures there is no evidence that leads the wife to her.

She ensures his body is free of sexual marks, and all fragrance at home is mirrored. Many say the side chick doesn’t have nothing to lose but this is wrong.

While the husband finance the household, he maintains the side chick to avoid being cheated on. The side chick has to stay faithful to another woman’s man so that she is properly maintained.

It may seem very complicated, but in this concrete jungle you have to play your role in a relationship and ensure it is upheld.



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